Monday, November 27, 2017

Online slot games with BIG JACKPOT!

- Claim unique welcome bonuses and win big prizes, absolutely insane JACKPOTS! Pay a visit to Quasar Gaming the new casino that has been gaining insane popularity lately. Enjoy some of the best online slot games out there. - Chance to win big with Jackpot 6000 and similar online slot games that are less played by beginner players.
Jackpot 6000 is of course just one of the very many new slot games released by the online casino. Enjoy hundreds and almost even thousands of new Novomatic/Novoline slot machine games that can be entertaining but also a great way to make extra money. Jackpot 6000 is definitely a slot game that has to be tried out.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jackpot 6000 or Jackpot 2000

Looking for a simple yet entertaining slot machine game that will keep you busy for days, and will also make Jackpot 6000, just like in Jackpot 2000, for that matter, the maximum win is represented by stars and it has a x100 multiplier which is quite nice.
you some money? If your answer to the question is yes, then it is my pleasure to introduce you to Jackpot 6000 the classic 3 reel 5 pay line slot machine game. The game looks classic but has several improvements such as the visual design and sound effects which are quite pleasing.
The slot machine game Jackpot 6000 also has a 50-50% double up feature built in, instead using the classic card system a new coin heads or tails system has been selected which is much more simple, less confusing but uses the same RNG system as the old card based one.

A new feature that was introduced is called the Joker Meter which can give players huge extra winnings. The Supermeter counts Jokers and rewards the players based on that which in my humble opinion is a great feature that should be introduced in more slot games. Some Jackpot 2000 versions lack this feature.

Play Jackpot 6000 For Real Money

Playing for real money makes any game more fun, and the game Jackpot 6000 was especially built for that reason, to be played for real money. While it can be played for free on various sites as free flash game, the game is also available at Quasar and Star Games for free or real money which is great news because the latest version of the game will be available, always, without download or annoying ads. The best part is that at Star Games for example, as a new player if you make a minimum deposit of only 20 Euros, and extra 20 Euro will be credited and have a total of 40 Euros to play with, which in my opinion is a decent amount to start with and it allows some pretty decent plays.

If you are into online slots, or should i say online slot gambling on any level, beginner, advanced or even veteran, Jackpot 6000 is the right ind of game for you, it will keep you entertained and it has the potential to earn you some decent amount of money.

Where to play Jackpot 6000 and Jackpot 2000 for free

There are several sites that provide these games for free, some Facebook groups also link to Jackpot 6000 and 2000 communities where players share their opinion and highest win streaks. Some of these groups are Sizzling Hot Facebook Group, Deluxe Slot Games. Bonuses and news related to the games can also be found there.